Help Our Military and Police Dogs


Tina and K9 Ace Tina Geraci and retired K9 Ace

Before his retirement from the New York Police Department (NYPD), Chief was one of the first K-9 units after 9/11 to patrol the New York City subway system. In his 8 active years with the NYPD he was awarded national citations for patrol work and was involved in counter terror operations. Chief held national and regional certifications.

It was while caring for Chief that Tina Geraci, her husband and three children saw firsthand the many issues owners of these dogs faced when they retired; the high cost of veterinary care, being turned away from housing options because of “No Dogs Allowed” policies, the high cost of kenneling their dog when they went on their yearly vacation, and the expense of purchasing dog food for a large dog. Tina also heard many stories of these retired dogs being put in shelters and suffering because their owners couldn’t afford to care for them.

Chief Chief

That’s why Tina started the Retired Police Canine Foundation (RPCF). Her goal is to raise awareness about the tremendous service these dogs provide in homeland security , community police work, and border patrol – and to relieve the financial burden of those who adopt these dogs when they retire by assisting with vet bills, securing housing, and assisting with other expenses.

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